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Halali is coming out of retirement this fall to perform at their cherished home venue Club Passim 
and the Loon Mountain Highland Games!!! Fans are going wild with excitement, don't miss this special weekend reunion! 

And now a story....
Once upon a time long long ago there were three charming (ah hem* wicked loud and boisterous) fiddlers who became friends at Valley of the Moon Scottish Fiddling School, and then continued to develop their friendship and musical partnership as they attended college in Boston. It was there that they met a red-headed guitarist who became their rhythm section, as well as the person they constantly made fun of. The quartet was called HALALI, and on gig nights no strathspey or pop song was safe from the fiery touch of their fiddle bows or scorching humor. Although the group soon faded into the realm of fabled legend, their die hard fans still haunt the sidewalk outside of Club Passim diddling their favorite 4 bars of "I'm Too Sexy For My Djembe" in hopes that Halali will rise again. Every three years when the moon is high, the whiskey flows, and Club Passim gets a new menu, the spirit of Halali rises again and makes music long into the night.  Although now long out of date, the photos on this web site have been maintained for historical accuracy.

Christmas Celtic Sojourn, December 2011
Halali is looking forward to a very Celtic-y holiday season this year, at WGBH's Christmas Celtic Sojourn with host Brian O'Donovan! Halali will be joined by other special guests Ruth Moody, Len Graham, Simon Chrisman, Kieran O'Hare, Seamus Eagan, Chico Huff, dancer Kevin Doyle, and much much more! Halali has already started working on some new material in honor of the show, with their usual brand of string filled enthusiasm, and have plans to release a special Christmas single. Stay tuned for more news on that, but in the mean time get your tickets for A Christmas Celtic Sojourn! http://www.wgbh.org/listen/achristmasceltic_sojourn2011.cfm

When Fiddlers go Blogging....
Laura and Lissa have both jumped on the blogging band wagon this year, delighting fiddle enthusiasts across the globe!

http://folkmopolitan.tumblr.com/ Laura started an awesome e zine that is known as "Folk Music's Finest Lifestyle, Fashion and Gossip Source". With a wide variety of contributers and topics, this web site is definitely a good read for all things folky.

http://bethanyandlissadrivearound.blog.com/ Lissa started a travel blog recently along with friend and guitarist Bethany Waickman. Their mission is find the best local beer, and gorgeous gardens wherever they roam. With their busy touring schedule this past year, they have been roaming a LOT. Read their blog to find out what they found!

Follow Halali on Twitter!
OK, so technically Halali doesn't have a Twitter feed, or a facebook page (although, we'd be willing to give a free copy of our new Christmas single to the first fan who makes us a facebook fan page!) In the mean time, you can tune in to our thoughts individually with the following links.


Boston Celtic Music Festival
, January 8th 2011

Oh praise to the Celtic Fiddle Gods, Halali is reunited!!!!
Come out and see Halali perform for the first time in THREE YEARS at BCM Fest's Saturday evening celebration. The performance will also feature special guests Annalivia, Bethany Waickman, Chris Lewis, Ariel Friedman, Highland Dance Boston, Keiran Jordan, and many more!

First Parish Church, corner of Mass Ave and Church St, Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA 8 pm
http://bcmfest.com for tickets and more information

Buy your very own Boston Celtic Music Festival 2007 Calendar!
Featuring the DEADLY SINS (with Halali members Hanneke Cassel, Laura Cortese, and Lissa Schneckenburger)

This month Halali members are busy performing with a few new and exciting ensembles at the fourth annual Boston Celtic Music Festival (Jan 12th and 13th in Cambridge, MA). Flynn is lending his rhythmic support to Annalivia, while Hanneke, Laura and Lissa have added their fiddling to the all new all female celtic ensemble called "The Deadly Sins". Both groups perform during the day on Sat the 13th, check out www.bcmfest.com for a detailed schedule and ticket information.

In addition to performing at the festival, The Deadly Sins have put together a 2007 calendar (with photos of local Boston ladies that you won't want to miss!) to raise a little money. All proceeds from the sale of the calendar go to support BCM Fest.

You can pick up your (10!!) copies at the festival on Jan 12 and 13, or mail order one by e mailing lissafiddle@yahoo.com

Halali goes on a CRUISE!
"Ireland at Sea" Carnival Cruise

Want to write your own fiddle-centric version of Pirates of the Caribbean???
Go on a 7 Day Exotic Western Caribbean Cruise with HALALI!!!
Jan 21-28 in the Caribbean Sea

www.irelandatsea.com for tickets and more information

In OTHER news.....Halali
T Shirts are all sold out :(...
Thanks to all our fans who are now walking around sporting a sexy Halali T! Make sure to wear yours to the next Halali show!
our model (Halali fiddler, Lissa) strolls on the beach in a Halali tank!

...As you can see... all the HOT guys are wearing them!!

And don't forget...

copies of Halali's debut CD are still available...
For a complete track listing and some mp3s, see the "sounds" page

Audience members have been asking about the origin of the word Halali. Our friend Duncan MackIntosh (who gave us the name) offers this definition:

a) An ancient exclamation of worship of the god Jeho (later lengthened
by scholars to Halaliya and Jehovah)
b) A frequent Chinese expression of greeting, since Li is the most
common surname in the world
c) A small island in the South Pacific.

Answer c)
Nobody knows quite when. But a fertile group of Celts were
shipwrecked on this island many generations ago, bringing with them
their instruments and often weird music.

Lissa and Duncan at Valley of the Moon, September 2001


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